I’ve gotten really into listening to podcasts on my way to work. I’m really tired of listening to the same music over and over, so I’m starting to switch it up and get some daily inspiration instead. Listening to something that will motivate and inspire you on your way to work can be a great way to get a jump on your day and get ready to be productive. Here are my five favorite podcasts that will get you motivated and inspired about living your best life!

I listen to all these podcasts on the iHeartRadio app for free, and I’m sure you can find them on iTunes and any other podcast app!

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1 – Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Cathy Heller hosts this podcast. I have been listening to this podcast nonstop lately! Her whole idea is that the opposite of depression is purpose, not happiness. She does interviews with different entrepreneurs every week to get insight and advice for her listeners on finding their true purpose and turning it into a business. Her interviews are with a wide variety of people. Some examples of individuals she has interviewed are Ruth Soukup and Jillian Michaels.

She also has a great book, also titled Don’t Keep Your Day Job. You can get it here!

I love listening to her and her interviews. She says things that are incredibly motivating. You don’t have to own a business or want to start one to enjoy this podcast either. She is great at asking her guests questions that pull great life advice out of them. Listening to her actually pushed me to finally get this blog going!

You can find out more about this podcast at dontkeepyourdayjob.com.

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    2 – Rise

    Rachel Hollis is the host of this podcast. She is the author of several books, including Girl, Stop Apologizing and Girl, Wash Your Face. She and her husband have built Hollis Co. and also have a podcast they host together, called Rise Together. I’m honestly a little bit obsessed with Rachel.

    Hollis Co. is built around motivating and inspiring you to live your best life and grow your business. The Rise podcast provides really valuable advice on so many different aspects of life. She also does interviews with some awesome guests, like Joe Biden and Rachel Cruze. Sometimes Rach just has a chat with her listeners and tells it like it is.

    I think my favorite thing about Rachel Hollis that she is unapologetically herself and she is not afraid to call bs on people’s excuses. She always says you are the only person that can change your life, and that is something I remind myself all the time. Listening to her is seriously so motivating.

    You can find out more about Hollis Co. and the podcasts on their website here. She hosts events and offers coaching as well!

    3 – Goal Digger

    If you’ve never heard from the amazing Jenna Kutcher before – you need to look up this podcast right now.

    Jenna now runs a 7 figure online business but started out as a wedding photographer with a $300 camera. Her podcast is centered around helping women achieve their dreams and dealing with both the messy and amazing parts of life and business.

    I absolutely love listening to her, I think the interviews she does and the advice she gives is just spot on. Her delivery is also great so she is so easy to listen to. Sometimes I end up listing to her all day long while I work. She talks about real struggles and real solutions to help you build your business to where you want it to be.

    You can check out Goal Digger on her website.

    4 – WorkLife with Adam Grant

    Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist. He has done several TEDtalks and has written several books. His podcast focuses on making work suck less, which I think most people can relate to.

    This podcast is extremely interesting. We spend so much time at work, Adam started to investigate what makes for a better work life. He mixes interviews with scientific support, which makes this podcast very unique. He covers topics such as rejection, networking, following your passion, and working with other people.

    WorkLife makes you think about how you interact with other people at work and examine your relationship with your job. It has made me change my perspective on some things that I had subconscious thoughts about, but had never stopped and considered. Criticism can be good, rejection opens doors, and trusting someone and liking someone are totally different.

    You can find out so much more about Adam’s awesome work at his website here.

    5 – GirlBoss Radio

    Sophia Amoruso is the host of Girlboss Radio. Girlboss is an entire community built around helping millennial women achieve their goals.

    Girlboss radio is primarily interviews with a huge diversity of women. Sophia chooses guests that are building their dream lives and businesses. She discusses the different careers and businesses that her guests have and teases out the important lessons that can be learned from their experiences. There is some bit of advice and value to pull out of each interview. (Plus, I find Sophia’s voice super enjoyable to listen to.) Some of the guests she has interviewed are Senator Kristen Gillibrand, Rebecca Minkoff, and Michelle Phan.

    Find out more about Girlboss and Sophia at the website here.

    What’s your favorite podcast? I’d love some other options to check out!

    5 Podcasts to get Motivated and Inspired

    Need help organizing your day?

    This free daily planner will help you get organized and actually get through your to do list!

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