Time to do my mid-month budget planner updates for November 2019! I got paid on the 15th, so we’re walking through how I track expenses and paying bills.

Budgeting and managing finances can get pretty overwhelming. To keep everything organized, I use an Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly planner to keep up with all of my relevant financial information. With this planner, I track things like my debt payments, when bills are due, my everyday spending, and even my yearly income and expenses. If you’re not familiar with how I use this planner as a budget planner, check out this blog post.

Check out the video below for a November mid-month budget update!

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If you’re wondering about what products I use in my budget planner for my November setup, here’s a full list… plus links in case you want to grab something for yourself!

Erin Condren Deluxe Monthly Planner

Erin Condren Monthly Sticker Book

Erin Condren Budget Sticker Pack

Erin Condren Bill Tracker Dashboard

Erin Condren Colorful Circles Sticker Pack

Mildliner Highlighters

Erin Condren deluxe monthly planner being used for budgeting.