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Do you feel like you work too hard for your money to constantly feel like you don’t have any?

Do you feel guilty because you know you shouldn’t use your credit card – but you can’t seem to stop?

Have you spent time creating a budget that you’re super motivated about… but as soon as the weekend hits it goes out the window?

Girl, same.

I’m here to help!

I made some not-so-great financial decisions in the years since I graduated from college. Financing a brand new car, racking up credit card debt, taking out high-interest store cards… yeah, not great. I have a relatively high-paying corporate job and knew the basics of money management, which resulted in a lot of guilt and stress around dealing with my financial mess because I felt like I wasn’t doing what I was “supposed” to be doing.

When I finally hit my breaking point and started learning everything I could about cleaning up my finances, I realized that a TON of other women are having the same exact issues.

I want to help women like you ditch the shame and worry around managing their money by sharing what’s working for me, gathering (and sometimes creating!) the best resources, and providing you with in-depth guides on the financial concepts you need to know.

My hope is that by sharing my story and what I’ve learned on my financial journey, I can help you learn from my mistakes and find the information you need to figure out what money management practices work for your life.

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Hey, I’m Allison!

I originally started Financial Flamingo as a place to document my journey and hold myself accountable to paying off my debt because I just. couldn’t. stick. to. my. budget.

I was tired of feeling guilty, stressed, and honestly… ashamed that I wasn’t doing a good job managing my money (I mean, heck, I’m an accountant!).

Now I’m sharing the lessons, tips, tricks, and financial knowledge I’ve gained while working to clean up my financial life.

To date, I’ve paid off over $6,000 of student loans and two store credit cards – with lots more to go! I’ve finally found a budget method and financial plan that works for me – join me and start your own journey to financial freedom!

You can change your finances… and change your life!


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