So, let’s be honest – the first half of 2020 has sucked.

This has been the year of so many firsts, fears, and uncertainties. So far, I’ve struggled with working from home, gained a bit of quarantine weight, fallen behind on my business multiple times, and completely lost some of my normal routines.

Instead of letting 2020 be a complete overwhelming disaster of a year, I’ve decided I’m going to take control and make it a year like no other. Starting August 1, 2020, I’m starting the process of changing my entire life in 5 months!

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Why I’m Changing My Entire Life

In late July, I had a week of PTO that I planned to use to work on my business and have some much-needed relax time. I took some time to refresh my brain, evaluate my goals, get some things done around the house, and fill up my motivation tank. I also took some time to just sit and relax and think, and decide how I wanted things to go for the rest of the year.

I’m not at all happy about how things have gone to start off this decade. And yes, I could blame most of it on Coronavirus and working from home… but the truth is, my life goal is to work from home.

The real problem – that I’ve finally admitted to myself – is that my current work and activities don’t align with my life goals.

So what the heck do you do when you realize something like that?

I decided that I was going to sit down and take a hard look at my current habits, mindset, and happiness levels. I literally grabbed a notebook and went out on our deck to just have some nice outdoor quiet time to reflect on things. I wrote out all the habits I was currently doing everyday – all the things I was trying to keep up with, all my current habits, everything I stressed out about and tried to get done in a day, week, and month.

Then, I turned to a fresh page and wrote out what my ideal day, week, and month would like like. You can probably guess that not a ton overlapped on those two pages.

My goal over the next 5 months is to identify and establish the habits and make the decisions that need to be made in order to take my current life and turn it into my ideal life.

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    The Ultimate Goal: My Dream Life

    In order to really show you how intense and impactful I want the next few months to be, I want to share with you a summary of what was included on my “current life” page and my “dream life” page.

    Current Life:

    • Work intense day job (45+ hours a week)
    • 1.5 hour daily commute time
    • Rushed mornings barely waking up on time
    • Constantly stressed about work projects
    • Schedule set based on job needs
    • Not enough time to spend with friends/family
    • Eating fast food regularly
    • Not working out
    • Not making time for things I enjoy or self-care
    • Feeling like there has to be more to life
    • Budgeting regularly but not as strict as I could be with spending
    • Constantly burned out
    • Inconsistent with YouTube videos and blog posts

    Dream Life:

    • Full-time entrepreneur
    • Set my own schedule
    • Work out on a regular basis
    • Work from home
    • Have a great work/life balance
    • Consistent with business content
    • Intentional eating and cooking more often
    • Setting the purpose for my own life
    • Unlimited earning potential
    • Regular routine for self-care

    So, how am I going to make these big life changes happen?

    Creating New Habits

    Let’s talk a little bit about the power of habits. I think the time I really realized how much of an impact small habits can have on your life was when I was in college. I was a little bit insane in college and had three majors and 5 or 6 clubs, including my sorority, that I was involved in. Which meant I had to have some serious time management skills.

    I found early on in my college career that establishing regular routines for certain tasks made my life a whole lot easier. I’ve started to do some research into establishing new habits and routines to help me with this project. I’m going to try out a few new methods and figure out what is going to work to create the lifestyle I want.

    My focus for the rest of this year is to establish some new routines. I’ve broken out the different focuses of my changes into categories: health, business, productivity, and finances.

    Here are the habits I’m working to establish for the rest of 2020:

    Health Habits

    When it comes to my health, I want to establish habits that are going to help me be healthier overall. I’ve fallen into the habit of sitting at my desk for hours at a time, getting no exercise, and eating fast food way more than I’d like.

    • Work out every day
    • Drink 60oz of water every day
    • Be mindful of what I’m eating
    • Establish self-care routine

    Business Habits

    My ultimate goal, as I mentioned, is to grow my business to the point that I can work for myself full time. Working from home and on the projects that I enjoy the most is my dream. I want to establish good habits now that will make that possible.

    • Stay consistent to content calendars
    • Get a month ahead on content
    • Create checklists for regular business tasks

    Productivity Habits

    My career productivity and business projects both fell behind during the first half of this year. I am usually really good at directing my own work, staying on top of and ahead of projects, and getting everything done on time. That hasn’t really been the case in the last few months. This causes a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety.

    • Establish work/life balance
    • Find a planning system that works for my lifestyle
    • Meal plan lunches each week

    Financial Habits

    My entire business is based on budgeting and creating good financial habits, so this is the area that needs the least amount of work. That being said, I do want to establish some set routines to make the process even easier for me.

    • Track spending every day
    • Start budgeting for business income

    Tracking My Progress

    This is clearly going to be a lot of change and trying new things for me, so I want to have a system in place from the beginning to truly track my progress and see how far I’ve been able to come – and I want to do it in a way that will hold me accountable.

    So, I’ve decided to do this entire change pretty publicly.

    To start, this is the first post in a series of posts that will be published over the next five months that will explain my processes, share my progress, and explain what is and is not working for me.

    I am also going to be doing a series on my YouTube channel following the same things – showing my new routines, explaining the process behind establishing habits, and sharing regular updates on how things are going.

    I want to have a solid record for future me to look back on. I want to be able to prove to myself what is possible and have the evidence to look back on.

    I also want to prove to you that you can also change your life. You can do hard things!

    We are all in charge of our own lives and our own happiness. Over the next five months, I’m aiming for radical change, and I’m hoping that sharing the journey of how I’m changing my entire life in 5 months will inspire you to step up the rest of this year and create the life you want!

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