If you’ve run a business for any amount of time, you probably have some goals you’d like to hit. Whether you want to increase your income, get new clients, or increase your content, there are always things we are working toward as entrepreneurs. I was finding it hard to stay on top of my goals when trying to look at the entire year – I needed a solution that broke down my goals into smaller, easier to track pieces. That’s why I decided to give the Blow It Up Bluprint a try! I want to share this amazing resource with you and talk about how you can hit your business goals using the Blow It Up Blueprint.

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What is the Blow It Up Blueprint?

Before we get into the specifics about this awesome tool, I want to talk a little bit about how I even came across it. As part of Financial Flamingo, I run a YouTube channel along with my website. I am always looking for ways to improve my content, and that’s how I found Cathrin Manning – or The Content Bug, as her brand was called at that time.

She has since rebranded her business using her own name, but she has the same amazing content. I watch her YouTube channel to learn more about how YouTube works, how to get more watch time, how to make better videos… the list goes on.

She really knows her stuff. Her own channel blew up to over 150k subscribers over the past year!

I liked her tips on YouTube so much that I went digging into her other content. She started out as a blogger, so she has some great information on her website, thecontentbug.com, about different aspects of blogging and social media. I was impressed that she was able to work for herself full time after only a year of building her brand.

On her website, I also found the Blow It Up Blueprint for sale. Since her other content is so helpful, I started looking into this tool and how it could be used in my own business. Cathrin shares about the Blueprint on her Instagram and talks about it in a few YouTube videos. I thought it might be something that I could use to push me forward in my own business, so I took the leap and paid the $24. I’m so glad I did!

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    The Basics of the Blow It Up Blueprint

    So, what is the Blow It Up Blueprint?

    This is a printable workbook-style tool that helps you take a hard look at where you currently are with your business and make a plan to grow your brand over the next 60 days. It includes 30 pages that will help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them. Since it’s a digital resource, you can print it out every 60 days to keep pushing your business to the next level.

    The pages in the Blueprint are designed to help you assess where you are now, figure out where you want to go, and create a plan to make the necessary changes needed to get you there. There are places to record your stats, figure out your target audience, evaluate your current strengths and weaknesses, and decide what’s working for you and what isn’t. The best part of the Blow It Up Blueprint is the 60 day sprint – this is where you take all the information you’ve pulled together and use it to blow up your brand!

    The Blueprint also comes with a guide, where Cathrin guides you through her vision for how it can be used. It includes walkthroughs of how to set goals, but it also includes some samples on how to fill out the Blueprint pages. This was an unexpected benefit for this product for me because it helped me go even further in-depth when working through my goals.

    How to Use the Blow It Up Blueprint

    So how can you use the Blow It Up Blueprint for your own business?

    First, click here to get your copy of the Blueprint!

    Once you have it, get it downloaded and printed out so you can get to work.

    First, go through the Blow It Up Guide that is included with the workbook. Cathrin breaks down exactly how to use the worksheets and even gives some examples of how she would fill them out herself. This is a great place to start and to get your mind working.

    Then, take the time to really dig into the questions and statistics in the first 11 pages. There’s a reason these are important, so actually look up the numbers, don’t just take a guess! Be honest and take the time to really answer the questions. Your business will thank you in the long run!

    When you’ve done that, you’ll get into the evaluation – this is honestly my favorite part of the entire Blueprint! I learned so much about my current strategies and what changes I needed to make with my own brand just from filling out those two pages.

    Use the information you learn about your existing goals and strategies in the first part of the Blow It Up Blueprint to start creating your plan for the next 60 days throughout the rest of the workbook. I like to refer back to the guide as I’m filling the rest of the pages out to make sure I’m digging deep and really looking hard at what I want for my brand.

    Finally, use the new strategies and goals you’ve set up to plan your 60 day sprint! The best feature of the Blueprint is that it breaks down your bigger goals into smaller time frames. It’s so much easier to focus on a goal for 60 days than to stay consistent thinking about an entire year.

    I think the key with the Blow it Up Blueprint is actually taking the time to do the work that Cathrin has laid out. It’s always tempting to skate by the questions we don’t want to dig into, right? But usually the answers to those questions give us the most clarity about our brand. Set aside an hour of time to really go deep. This will help you get the most benefit out of the Blow it Up Blueprint.

    Why I Love the Blow It Up Blueprint

    I think my favorite thing about the Blow It Up Blueprint is that it has helped me take my big goals and break them down in to bite sized pieces. It’s so much easier to stay focused on your goals when you know exactly what your strategy should be for the next 60 days.

    I also love that it’s a product for creators that was put together by a creator. Cathrin uses the same methods to set her own goals and that’s how the Blow It Up Blueprint was born in the first place. She has grown her brand so much over the past year, I feel I can trust her methods.

    Finally, the Blueprint is honestly just a very simple and easy to use tool. If you take the time to really go through it and break down your goals, I bet you’ll see some great results! It’s helped me get clarity on what direction to take my brand and what changes need to be made.

    If you haven’t picked up your copy of the Blow It Up Blueprint yet – what are you waiting for? Start crushing your business goals in the next 60 days!


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