You can Reach Financial Freedom

Tired of feeling like there’s never enough cash at the end of the month? Always feeling stressed about all the minimum payments to keep track of?

That’s exactly how I felt until I finally started taking control of my finances and starting getting out of debt and putting money in the bank!

STOP letting your financial situation get in the way of living the life of your dreams!

The Flamingo Fundamentals membership gives you the financial framework to create a successful budget, pay off debt, and save money.

I know it works, because I’ve used it to pay off over $10,000 of debt to date!

How it works

So, what can you expect to find within Flamingo Fundamentals?


master the basics

The membership includes a full toolbox of videos, worksheets, and other resources so you can fully understand the basics of personal finance. Understand the big picture of managing your money.

find accountability

Join the weekly live streams and private Facebook Group to ask questions, share you wins and struggles, and chat with likeminded other women!

learn and ask questions

A live class takes you in-depth into a financial topic every single month. Learn more about the financial topics that will help you change your financial future.

If you could change your financial future for the cost of Netflix… why wouldn’t you?

One of the things that I like about Flamingo Fundamentals is the support given by Allison. Allison has proven that her methods work, as she has paid off quite a bit of debt and is still working on her debt free journey. We have a weekly live (which I look forward to on Tuesday nights) where we share our goals, wins, fails, and plans. She provides us with tools, worksheets. Since I have found Flamingo Fundamentals I have gotten a couple of debt paid off and have been able to put $ in the bank.


what does financial freedom mean to you?

Flamingo Fundamentals isn’t a one-size-fits all system. It teaches the basics of the pillars of personal finance – budgeting, saving money, sinking funds, paying off debt, and more. You can use this information to make informed decisions about your own finances and create a plan for your situation.

Hi! I’m Allison.

I originally started Financial Flamingo as a place to document my journey paying off my debt. Over time, I’ve realized I love talking about how finding financial freedom can really open up the choices you have to build a life you’ll totally love!

Taking control of your finances will let you break the paycheck to paycheck cycle and give you more freedom to spend time on the things you love.

Improving your productivity and time management helps manage your stress levels and get more done. I’m a planner at heart – and I love coming up with new ways to keep my life organized and on track.

Financial Flamingo is a business, and I’m sharing all the tips, tricks, wins, and fails I have along the way so you can find your own entreprenuerial spirit!

We only have this one life to live – what are you going to do with yours?