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How To Calculate Net Worth (+FREE net worth worksheet!)

Calculating and tracking your net worth is an important part of managing your finances. Many people avoid calculating their net worth because they think it’s complicated or don’t understand why it’s important and how helpful it can be in managing their finances. Figuring out your net worth is really easy! It can tell you a lot about your financial situation and helps you understand your financial habits if tracked regularly. Let’s talk about why and how to calculate your net worth!

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Getting Out of Debt: Snowball vs. Avalanche Method

Paying off debt allows you to spend your income on your future instead of your past. Stop for just a minute and think about how much extra money you would have without loan payments. Sounds like a nice amount to keep in your pocket doesn’t it? Let’s walk through two payment methods and how they work. Then I’ll help you decide which method will work better for your financial journey!

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Student Loans 101: The Basics of Federal Financial Aid

This article is one I have been so anxious to write. Student loans are a huge burden on many people. I believe there needs to be better education surrounding the financial aid system and the basics of financial aid; a lot of students have no ideas what loans they have or how they work, even while paying them back. This post will walk through the basics of federal financial aid and discuss some of the big issues surrounding them.

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