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Get More Done Using The Block Scheduling Method

I am the absolute worst about getting sucked into checking my email the second a new message comes in. That little notification pops up, and as long as I know that email is sitting there I’m not able to fully focus on anything else. Some days I end up so frustrated because I don’t feel like I accomplished anything and don’t know where my time went! To combat this problem, I’ve started using a block scheduling method to get more done.

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How Running My Business Keeps Me Sane

Do you ever feel like even though you’re doing all the right things, something still feels like it’s missing? That’s how I’ve felt for the last few years. I’ve done so much to build my career, have a social life, and meet the expectations I feel I have to meet. Since I’ve started Financial Flamingo I’ve started to dream about what else could be possible – now running my business keeps me sane!

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