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How to Start a Profitable YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel can be both scary and exciting. It can be a little overwhelming to put yourself out there for the first time. When I started my channel, I was really just planning on using it to supplement some blog posts and enjoy sharing my budget updates every month. Turns out, I actually love creating videos too! I now use YouTube as an additional income stream. Let’s talk about how to start a profitable YouTube channel that you can use to grow your business!

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Get More Done Using The Block Scheduling Method

I am the absolute worst about getting sucked into checking my email the second a new message comes in. That little notification pops up, and as long as I know that email is sitting there I’m not able to fully focus on anything else. Some days I end up so frustrated because I don’t feel like I accomplished anything and don’t know where my time went! To combat this problem, I’ve started using a block scheduling method to get more done.

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