Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! The beginning of the year always feels like a whirlwind to me. As a CPA, February is when my busiest time of year really gets going. I tend to forget about Valentine’s Day until the last minute (and my boyfriend’s February birthday… don’t tell him!). To help you stay on top of the holiday this year, I’ve pulled together this great list of budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your guy! These items will help you show you care without killing your budget.

These gifts range from somewhat silly to totally practical, but I do think they are all neat items that the right guy would love to receive. Since we are budget conscious here, I tried to keep the list at around $50 and below!

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Wireless Headphones

iPods are all the rage right now… but seriously, those things are expensive! There are thousands of other options for wireless earbuds that are much cheaper and get the job done. If your guy is into music or still uses corded headphones at the gym (I know first hand how annoying those are during cardio) then this may be just what he needs!

I bought this pair a few months ago to use at work. They come in a handy magnetized case to keep them from getting lost and for easy charging. The case itself plugs into a USB port for convenient charging as well. Since I bought them just to use to listen to music at work, I didn’t get the highest sound quality ever, but they are great for daily use. Overall, I’m really happy with these earbuds and I didn’t know how much I would enjoy having wireless headphones until I switched!

Get the earbuds!

Bartender Kit

This is a great option for the guy that loves to make and try different drinks. He’ll have everything he needs for a home bar – just add the alcohol! Not only will he be able to make top-quality drinks, but he’ll look super good doing it with the right tools. We’re planning on building a bar in my boyfriend’s man cave area, and I’ll definitely be getting this kit for him when it’s completed!

Get the bartender kit!

Travel Bag

Whether he travels for work or fun, a nice travel bag will make the packing process a whole lot more enjoyable. While it probably wouldn’t hold enough for a week-long trip, this bag would be great for a few days or a long weekend. It looks professional but not too boring. Plus, since it was a gift he’ll think about you when he’s traveling and using it!

Check out this travel bag!

Personalized Wallet

If your guy is just as money-conscious as you are, he will love this gift! Depending on where you look, you can find a personalizable wallet in just about any style to suit your guy. You could also do a money clip if that’s more his speed. Personalization options range from initials to photos and quotes. You’ll be able to create something you know he’ll like!

Check out wallets!

Major Leagues Ballpark Scratch-Off Chart

I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday last year and he loved it. One of his bucket list items is to visit every Major League Baseball stadium. This neat chart has greyed out versions of all the stadiums listed. Whenever he visits one, just take a coin and scratch off that stadium. It’ll reveal a color version… pretty neat!

I found this randomly while searching for a baseball-related gift for my boyfriend, and I love the idea. If your guy also loves baseball or wants to visit all the different stadiums, I highly recommend this! It’s a nice quality and a really good size for framing.

Get the ballpark chart!

Yeti Rambler

If he loves coffee he’ll love this travel mug! I love that this little mug has a handle and looks like a normal coffee mug. They come in different sizes and colors to choose from. They are of high quality and last quite a while in my experience. While Yeti products tend to be on the expensive side, I do think they make great gifts!

Check out Yeti products!

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    Golf Trunk Organizer

    If he’s a big golfer, he’ll love this gift! Having golf balls, tees, and random gloves floating around the trunk of the car makes it hard to find what you need. This handy golf organizer keeps everything in one safe place. It’s a great place to keep extras of everything. It has room for shoes, hats, golf balls, gloves, pens, and much more!

    Check out the organizer!

    Personalized Pocketknife

    No matter where I am, it seems like whenever I need a knife for something there’s a guy nearby that has one ready to go for these situations. If this is your guy, or if he carries a pocketknife for work, a new blade with personalization would be a great gift. This knife even has a rope cutter, glass breaker, and can opener as well!

    Find a pocketknife!

    Insulated Beer Bottle and Can Cooler

    I didn’t know these existed until my brother was using one at a family event! These neat little coolers have screw-off pieces so it can be used for bottles or cans, and even to seal the top. It’ll keep his beer (or soda) cold much longer than a traditional koozie and he’ll be able to open any drink with the attached bottle opener. I think I’ll probably get my boyfriend one to use this summer…

    Get the bottle cooler!

    Wooden Watch

    Wooden watches are a pretty unique gift. If your SO likes watches or has so many that it’s hard to find something new for him, this is a great option! You can find ones made out of all different kinds of wood and colors to suit his style. Most of them are also engravable for a custom touch.

    Check out watches!

    Home Brew Kit

    Is he a craft beer lover? He can try his hand at creating his own with this kit! This kit has step-by-step instructions, all the ingredients, and everything else he’ll need to get started. It’ll keep him busy for a few weeks… The only downside of this gift is he might make you taste test it when it’s done!

    Get the kit!

    Guitar Pick Punch

    Have a musician in your life? This neat little gadget lets him punch a guitar pick out of anything he wants! My boyfriend is always losing his guitar picks, so this would be great for him. Instead of buying them he can just make his own custom picks!

    Get the pick punch!

    Grilling Kit

    Help him take his grill game to the next level with the right tools! A grilling kit will ensure he has all the tools he’ll need no matter what meal he’s cooking up. When we first got our grill we didn’t even have the basics and had to clean it with a ball of aluminum foil held with salad tongs (… yeah, it was that bad). Don’t let him struggle like us! He’ll probably even want to cook you dinner when he opens it!

    Get the kit!

    Amazon Alexa Echo Dot

    This gift idea came to mind for a gamer, but it really would be a good gift for anyone. With an Alexa, you can control electronics, lights, play music, ask her questions… so many different things. I got my boyfriend one of these a few years ago to control all his electronics and to turn on the lights in his man cave den area. It was pretty easy to get it all set up, and it’s definitely handy to be able to have her turn things on and off!

    Check out the Echo Dot!

    Air Fryer

    Does your SO like to cook? Air fryers are a popular kitchen appliance right now since they are a healthier option than traditional frying and are pretty easy to use. You can cook just about anything in them and the cook times are pretty quick. I love the idea of faster cook times since it would make us more likely to cook instead of grabbing fast food. My boyfriend has been talking about getting one for a while now, so this might have to go on his gift list for this year!

    Check out air fryers!

    Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    I bought this speaker for my boyfriend a couple of years ago for him to use out on the deck. It’s really nice to have something you can connect to your phone through Bluetooth and carry wherever you want – the pool, beach, park, or anywhere else! It has great sound and is really easy to use. Connecting to a phone or to Alexa is usually pretty quick and you can carry the speaker pretty far away before it loses the connection. It has worked great for summer parties for us when people are inside and outside at the same time.

    Get the speaker!

    Record Player

    If your guy is into music, he’ll love getting an old-school record player. I don’t think vinyl will ever truly go out of style. A lot of record players also have AUX cord and Bluetooth connections available to use it as a speaker as well, so he can listen to whatever he’s in the mood for at the moment. It’s a great way for him to enjoy his music in a more fun and unique way. Plus, who doesn’t love great album covers?

    Check out record players!

    Hotdog Toaster

    This is a pretty silly, yet practical gift. We got my dad one of these for Christmas last year and he actually uses it all the time! It works pretty well. The hotdog toaster lets you heat up the dog and the bun in one easy step so it’s ready to eat in just a few minutes. Actually a great idea for quick lunches or during commercial breaks!

    Get the toaster!

    Amazon Fire Tablet

    These tablets are a great budget-friendly gift idea! They are pretty inexpensive but work great for entertainment. While the Fire tablet isn’t great for heavy work, if he wants something to just browse the internet, read books, watch shows, and play games then this is a great option. I’ve given several of these as gifts in the past few years because it’s a great way to give something that will get a ton of use without completely breaking the bank!

    Check out the tablet!

    Roku Streaming Stick

    The Roku Streaming Stick lets him stream all his shows and channels from any TV! Not only will is it a great inexpensive gift, but it can help you cut down on cable costs too if you switch to streaming only. My favorite part is you don’t have to pay a monthly fee for the Roku itself – only the services you want to use! You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney +… whatever streaming service you have, you should be able to watch through the Roku!

    Get the Roku stick!

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    Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

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