Ready to start your blogging business but not sure how to get started the right way? Ruth Soukup is a successful blogger and makes around $5 million a year from her online businesses. Who better to learn from? Today I’m sharing my full review of How to Blog For Profit Without Selling your Soul.

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    How to Blog For Profit

    How to Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul is the guide you need for starting, growing, and monetizing your own blog. It’s written by Ruth Soukup, who has a full list of achievements to her name that makes her a very appropriate teacher when it comes to blogging – she is the owner of two very successful blogs, Living Well Spending Less and Elite Blog Academy. She also runs one of the premier blogging courses, also titled Elite Blog Academy.

    How to Blog For Profit is an overview of Ruth’s signature plan for running a blog. It is based on four key concepts: refine, grow, monetize, and build.

    • Refine – this is where you get started building your blog and defining exactly who your target audience is. You’ll learn how to define your niche, how to create great content, and how to make sure you have the best website design possible.
    • Grow – start building an audience and driving traffic to your blog. From SEO to starting an email list, Ruth has you covered in this step.
    • Monetize – in this step you learn how bloggers make money and how to start making an income from your content. This includes producing your own products!
    • Build – the final section deals with building and scaling your business into the future.

    As Ruth herself mentions, this book could really be used for any type of content creator. We tend to think of bloggers as website owners that write content, but you could also apply her system to a YouTube channel or Podcast.

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    Should I get this when starting my business?

    I absolutely recommend this book to someone starting a blogging business! I might be a little biased since I’m currently working through Elite Blog Academy, but I think Ruth’s approach to building an online business is a bit unique. Her strategies are meant to help you build a sustainable business model instead of depending solely on social media traffic to support your blog.

    While I am enrolled in Elite Blog Academy, keep in mind I did pay quite a bit to be a part of that class. Reading How to Blog For Profit gave me a great idea of what help Ruth can provide. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is getting started building their own online business. It provides the big picture you need to start your blog the right way.

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    Is it just an advertisement for EBA?

    While she does talk about Elite Blog Academy throughout the book, I didn’t feel like it was one big advertisement. I like to explain the book as a really great overview of the course. You can absolutely learn a lot about how to start a successful blogging business from just the book.

    I actually decided to buy the course after reading the book. The book really got me excited about my business and how I could take it to the next level. I just decided that I wanted to go all in and get the course too.

    I don’t think the book is an overwhelming push for Elite Blog Academy. You can learn a lot from the book alone; it is a great resource on Ruth’s method for building a sustainable business.

    Overall, I think How to Blog For Profit is a great book for anyone that is just getting started on their blogging journey. It provides a great overview of the path to follow to go from day one to starting to make an income.

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    Start the free 5 day email course that will show you exactly how to set up your own blog!

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