Feel like the world is a little crazy and you can’t get your anxiety under control? I’ve been there many times. Sometimes taking a minute to stop and step away from the stress of your daily life is really what you need to reset. Here are my 5 best tips for self-care when things get a little overwhelming.

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My 5 Best Tips for Self-Care

1 – Get Away

I have been guilty of getting so caught up in work or working on my business that I don’t give myself any time to breathe. No matter how motivated and driven you are, it’s important to take a step back every once in a while.

Whenever I realize I’m starting to get overwhelmed and burnt out, the first thing I do is get organized so I can carve out time to step away from my project for a while. Even if it’s just an hour one evening. Giving your brain a break can help keep you refreshed and come back more productive and level headed.

2 – Move Your Body

I probably should exercise waayy more often than I do, but whenever I start feeling overwhelmed I definitely make time for it. Getting yourself moving will improve your mood almost immediately.

You don’t have to head to the gym or go on a marathon run either – I usually just take my dog out for a long walk. Getting out of the house and moving around can do wonders for getting you out of a rut and taking some of the stress off.

I also usually try to do this outside if I possibly can. Fresh air and some exercise can really get you out of your own head.

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    3 – Take Your Mind Off Things

    This is much easier said than done. I usually try to find something light and fun to take my mind off things for a while. Whether this is reading a book, watching a fun show, or catching up on YouTube, I like being able to put my focus on something different for a bit.

    I also try to stay away from social media. I can easily get overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the news. Sometimes I get sucked into scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and an hour goes by before I realize it. This usually stresses me out even more because I feel that I’ve wasted precious time.

    Turn off the phone, find an enjoyable distraction, and let yourself breathe for awhile.

    4 – Find Ways to Relax

    Whenever I get stressed, I tend to get very tense. My body usually doesn’t react to stress super well. Finding ways to relax helps take the strain off your body.

    I usually take a nice bath or go to bed extra early when I’m overwhelmed. I like to combine my bath with a book to make it a full relaxing experience. Sometimes it can be hard to sleep if you have a lot on your mind, but when I’m really stressed out I’m usually surprised by how easily I fall asleep. Stress can be mentally and physically draining. It’s definitely worth a try!

    If you have other ways to relax, make time for them. Whether it’s meditation, getting a massage, spending time with your pets… whatever gets you to let go of the tension. It can be hard on your body to handle stress all the time, so be sure you find ways to give it a break.

    5 – Eat Healthy

    A lot of times when I’m overwhelmed it’s because I have a lot to do. This can lead to late nights and a lot of caffeine.

    Remembering to eat healthy and drink water can help reduce stress. Overdoing it on the caffeine will just put you more on edge. Eating fast food or other unhealthy things can make your body feel even worse, especially if that’s not normally what you eat. I always find I feel worse after eating fast food when I’ve been eating better for a while.

    Drinking more water is honestly my go-to solution for everything. Staying hydrated will help your mind and body cope with whatever you’re dealing with.

    It can be hard to find the time for yourself when things get stressful, but taking care of yourself is also extremely important. The next time you’re feeling burnt out or anxious, try these tips for self-care to get yourself refreshed and ready to take on anything!

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    5 Best Tips for Self Care

    Need help organizing your day?

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