It’s time for a new season and new warmer weather! Spring is the best time to get some fresh air and get started on those outdoor projects. Here are 15 great budget friendly spring activities that will get you out of the house and enjoying the sunshine!

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1. Plant a Garden

If you have space and the ability to plant a garden, I highly recommend it! I love getting to set up my garden beds every year and watch my work literally grow in front of my eyes. There are a lot of options too – you can plant some vegetables in flower pots on a sunny patio!

This can be as budget friendly or as expensive as you want. The only real costs are the seeds or plants you want to get started with. YouTube is a great place to learn more about the different gardening options, and you can even order seeds and supplies online.

2. Spring Cleaning

Open up all your windows and give your house a good deep clean! There’s something motivating about having having fresh air flowing through that always motivates me to clean up my space.

This activity is totally free and it will help clear your mind as well. Make a list of all the tasks you need to get done for each room, and then just go room by room getting things done! It won’t take near as long as you think and, trust me, you’ll feel 1000 times better once it’s done!

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    3. Visit a Botanical Garden

    Spring is when botanical gardens are in their prime! All the bulb flowers that come up in the spring – tulips, daffodils, etc – are my favorites so I love seeing so many different varieties in one place.

    Botanical gardens usually have a lot of educational programs related to plants and gardening, so this can also be a great learning opportunity if you are interested in those types of things. Some of them sell their flowers and seeds as well. It’s a great way to learn more about what you can do in your own yard.

    4. Clean Up Your Landscaping

    Spring is the perfect time to do some cleanup! Plants are growing in and all the leftover leaves and sticks from the winter can be cleared away. This is a great opportunity to trim your bushes, clean up your mulch or rock beds, and plant fresh flowers for the year!

    Usually April is the time that we update all our outside areas and plant all the flowerpots for the season. This is one of my favorite spring activities because if I’m able to plant my flowers it means that winter is finally over!

    5. Read a Book

    One of my absolute favorite things to do in the warmer months is to read a good book outside. Spring is actually perfect for this because the weather is usually perfect – and I don’t have to worry so much about getting sunburned.

    How many times have you said you wanted to read more? Head to your local library or pick up one of those books collecting dust on the shelf and find yourself a nice spot to spend an afternoon!

    6. Fire Up the Grill

    Fire up that grill that you’ve had in storage all winter! Clean it off and make sure it’s in good working order so you can get good use out of it all summer long.

    We still cook a lot of the same meals in other ways during the winter, but there will never be anything the same as a nice steak prepared on the grill to me. Try out some new recipes!

    7. Clean Out The Garage

    How much stuff has ended up piled in your garage over the winter? I can tell you ours ends up totally full of junk. Take advantage of the nice weather to pull everything out and give your garage space a nice deep clean.

    I also use this as a great time to get our patio furniture out and the cushions cleaned up and ready for use. It clears up space in our garage and gives us a nice outdoor living space all at once.

    8. Have a Picnic

    Having a little meal outside is a great way to enjoy the weather! You could set up on your patio or on a blanket a local park. This is an easy and cheap activity because I’d bet you already have the supplies at home to put a meal together that would work for a picnic. If you were going to eat it anyway – why not just take it outside?

    9. Try Out a Round of Golf

    Golfing is a great way to get outside and move around without doing an intense activity like running or hiking. It’s actually one of my boyfriend and I’s favorite activities to do together in the warmer months. It’s relaxed and enjoyable, but forces us to get outside for a couple hours and move around a bit.

    This is one of the more expensive options, as you will have to pay for the round of golf and to rent a set of clubs if you don’t have your own. Mini golfing is usually much cheaper and can be another great option if you’re not ready to commit to a full round of real golf.

    10. Set Up a Bird Feeder

    We have so many types of birds in our yard always looking for food. Putting up a bird feeder is pretty inexpensive and it can be pretty interesting to see what kind of wildlife you get!

    You can get a bird feeder at pretty much any local hardware store. Set it up a little bit away from your house so you can enjoy watching the birds without them being around you while you’re trying to do things in your yard. And don’t forget to refill it!

    11. Wash Your Car

    Can you think of the last time you got a car wash? Nicer weather means you can get outside and give your car a nice wash yourself! The only cost for this activity is water and soap.

    Usually, after a winter of snow, I like to clean out the inside of my car as well. Clear out all the trash, take things out that don’t belong in there, and give it a nice vacuum and wipe down inside. It will make you feel so much more organized to get into a fresh clean vehicle every day.

    12. Check Out A Local Park

    Is there a park near you that you haven’t explored before? Spring is a great time to get out and walk around or take a little hike. Find a park that you haven’t been to before or one that has some trails you can try out.

    My boyfriend and I used to take entire afternoon walks along the paths that weaved through our town. It’s a great way to get a little exercise, get some fresh air, and see some pretty views you otherwise wouldn’t find.

    13. Go For a Bike Ride

    When was the last time you were actually on a bike? I honestly probably couldn’t even tell you. Going for a bike ride is a great way to get a little bit of exercise while still enjoying the fresh air. You could even look for local bike trails to explore!

    14. Have a Bonfire

    Most people think of this as a fall activity, but I love it in the spring as well! We have a large yard and it’s a great opportunity for us to burn up all the sticks and branches that gathered over the winter. Hotdogs and marshmallows are just as good in April as they are in September!

    15. Plant Some Flowers

    Putting together some pretty flower pots can be a great budget friendly way to add some color to the outside of your house. Even if you don’t have room for a full blown garden, a flower pot or two can give you spring vibes for sure.

    I always like to pick up the brightly colored pots and switch up the types of flowers in each one. I also like to add in little grasses or other types of plants to give my pots some interesting texture as well. There is so much you can do – and it’ll make your outdoor areas a little brighter!

    What are your favorite budget friendly spring activities?

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