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Hi, I'm Allison

Hi, I’m Allison

I originally started Financial Flamingo as a place to document my journey and hold myself accountable to paying off my debt because I just. couldn’t. stick. to. my. budget.

I was tired of feeling guilty, stressed, and honestly… ashamed that I wasn’t doing a good job managing my money (I mean, heck, I’m an accountant!).

Now I’m sharing the lessons, tips, tricks, and financial knowledge I’ve gained while working to clean up my financial life.

To date, I’ve paid off over $6,000 of student loans and two store credit cards – with lots more to go! I’ve finally found a budget method and financial plan that works for me – join me and start your own journey to financial freedom!

How Can I Help You?

Money Management

Learn about budgeting, paying off debt, saving money, and get the motivation you need to reach for your own financial freedom!

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Make More Money

Find out how to add some cash to your budget by building your career, starting a side hustle, and getting more done!

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